Price list of compensation for YouProfession collaborators

1 Buddy = 0.01 €

  • Learn

    Study courses and lessons of any subject created by the YouProfession community. Once the course is finished take the final Quiz. Every correct answer +1 Buddy.

  • Work

    Search for classifieds and jobs. Job requests of all kinds are published daily on YouProfession. Every work done +100 Buddy.

  • Invested

    Invest Buddy earned on other professionals and create a team that works for you. If you invest 10 Buddy on a user who is worth 10 and his value rises to 1000 +900 Buddy.

  • Create courses

    Create courses and transmit your knowledge to the whole world, we all have something to teach. Let your pupils follow you, every visitor is a pupil, 10 pupils +1 Buddy.

  • Votes

    Reviews and feedback are the judgment of your customers. You will be voted from 1 to 10 directly by the customer for each job completed. 1 vote a Buddy, maximum mark +10 Buddy.

  • Speed

    A score ranging from 0 to 100 will indicate your activity and presence on YouProfession. The more scores you make, the higher it will be. Every 7 days of inactivity -1 Buddy.

Finally go to the cashier and convert Buddy to real money!